From Idea
To Startup

The Fast Forward Model

We exist to help accelerate your entrepreneurial spirit in 3 progressive layers:



Be inspired by our dream-discovering journey, where vision, business aspirations, and future technology perspectives collide to generate entirely new ideas.



Be motivated and challenged, working as part of a focused team, joining in fun collaborations and hands-on experimentation to turn mobility dreams into realities through prototyping.



Be confident in achieving your dreams by igniting the mobility space with your startup. We support you and provide a vast network to compete in a global market.

“The comfort zone is a nice place, but nothing grows there.
Take the leap today and start your business!”

Caroline Cummings

Why are Innovators and Entrepreneurs
choosing HELLA Fast Forward?

With access to HELLA's more than 130 years of experience and an expansive global network, we offer our teams the power to build startups based on game-changing ideas, destined to make an impact within the 21st century of mobility and beyond.


An international team with deep knowledge of automotive, engineering, business, and digital innovation.


The best of two worlds: a secure corporate monthly salary and contract, startup freedom and pre-seed funding to launch.


A distinguished network of entrepreneurial alumni, partners, external and internal advisors, and mentors for development and growth.


Effective startup-building framework (Dream. Do. Disrupt.) from idea generation through to execution and growth.


Creative space located in the heart of the most entrepreneurial ecosystem known to Europe, Asia, and globally very soon.


Market access to top global automotive players, and VC funding support for rapid scaling and growth.


What happens after a startup is built?

Once a startup is built, our HELLA Ventures partner in Silicon Valley goes through the following steps to bring your ideas to market.